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Install Weather Stripping Around Exterior Doors

Install Weather Stripping Around Exterior Doors

Possible Tools Needed
Weather Stripping
Measuring Tape
Tin Snips
Protective Glasses
Small Nails
Soapy Water
Scrubbing Pad

If weather stripping on exterior doors  is deteriorated, a large of amount of cold air can evade your home and also cause higher electrical bills.  Weather stripping is fairly simple to replace.  First remove the old weather stripping – grab weather stripping at one end and pull.  If the adhesive is still secure at locations than apply alcohol over weather stripping to help dissolve the adhesive.  Once you have removed the weather stripping, remove any adhesive residue with soapy water and a scrubbing pad.

Measure the frame of the door  (width & length) and then visit your local hardware store.  There are various types of weather stripping available such as foam, rubber, metal, etc.    Ask one of the hardware representative’s  which weather stripping would be best for the area in which you live.

Cut the weather stripping to the length needed and then place it up to the door and remeasure the door with cut sections before you permanently attach it to your door.    You are now ready to install the weather stripping; keep the door open during installation.

Nailable Weather  Stripping – (First – Always wear protective glasses when installing metal weather stripping).    Start at the beginning of the weather stripping and then hammer in nails about every 12 inches, then again at the end of the weather stripping.

Adhesive Weather  Stripping -   Pull off backing in sections and adhere to door, do not remove the backing all at one time.  If you try to remove the backing all at once then you may end up with a sticky mess and loose some of the adhesive.

Some types of weather stripping may use both adhesive and nails.  Make sure the weather stripping does not buckle and that it fits snug.  The final test is to close the door and feel if there is any cold air coming into your home.


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