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Naturally Repelling Ants

There are several Green ways to deter ants in your home:

The best temporary fixes are bay leaves, peppermint (leaves/spray/tea bags), whole cloves, cucumber slices,  and powder (baby/talcum/chalk).    Put them anywhere you notice ants such as on counter tops, cabinets, and/or counter tops.   You can double up these natural items such as lining your cabinets near the doors with powder and then put a couple leaves (bay or peppermint under cabinet liners) or whole cloves at each end.  The ants do like walking across the powder and the ants don’t like the strong smell of the leaves or cloves.

Several other temporary variations have been suggested to be applied on the trails or entry ways of ants such as vinegar, cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne – red chili pepper, hot curry paste, lemon juice, coffee grounds, garlic cloves.

Then you have the long term fix the powdery substance Diatomaceous Earth (which consists of fossilized remains of diatoms  – hard shelled algae).   Diatomaceous Earth dehydrates the insect.  This works as well as toxic Boric Acid w/sugar and water mixture (which are main ingredients for the retail product Terro).  Line cabinets, counter tops, ant entry ways, ant trails, and/or the complete outside perimeter of your residence.   You can also use Diatomaceous Earth to control other house hold pests such as:  ticks, fleas, aphids, silverfish, cockroaches, bed bugs, spiders, carpet beetles, slugs, snails, tomato hornworms, house flies, fruit flies, red spider mites, and earwigs.   The only safety issues are that you want to wear a safety mask so you don’t inhale the powdery substance and wear gloves so that it doesn’t dry out your skin.

Diatomaceous Earth may be one(1) of Earth’s most impressive recycled product. It has various uses, such as a filtration aid (ie pool filters), mild abrasive (ie toothpaste, metal polishes, and & facial scrubs),  medical (ie de-worming products both animals and humans and as a feed additive for livestock and poultry to improve the health of  the animals), soil additive used in hydroponic gardens (it retains water and nutrients),  liquid absorbent (ie cat litter, toxic liquid clean up), activator in blood clotting studies , a stabilizing component of dynamite, thermal insulator (heat resistant),  and but not least DNA purification.

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